Transfiguration of Christ

Transfiguration Icon Sinai

The Transfiguration of Christ is a major Feast Day in our Church. The Gospel Story is told in Matthew 17. The event was meant to encourage the Lord's disciples before He faced the Cross in Jerusalem. We need God's encouragement today in our troubled times. The Transfiguration Feast Day reminds us that Christ Jesus is the King of Glory who ever shines through all the darkness of our passing world, revealing to us the Kingdom of God. His Kingdom will be a place of union with all the holy ones, as Moses and Elijah were with Christ and the disciples on the Holy Mountain. When we are united with Christ, we can confidently face any crosses in our current times with the hope and peace God gives us.

We will have a Divine Liturgy of Wednesday night (Aug. 5) as we begin the celebration of this Feast on August 6.