Wednesday 6p Divine Liturgy

We are happy to confirm there will be a Divine Liturgy this Wednesday (January 20) at 6p.

There will also be our usual Sunday Divine Services this week: 8a Orthros and 9a Divine Liturgy (January 24).

Come and See....


The mission of St. Luke Orthodox Christian Church is to be a beacon of Orthodox Christian spiritual life in Erie, eastern Boulder County, and the northern Denver metropolitan area. We strive together to live our Orthodox Christian Faith in a healthy way that forms Christian character, by participating regularly in the services, prayers, disciplines, and Sacraments of the Holy Orthodox Church. The community of St. Luke calls all people to Christ in His Church. We share the joy of Christ in our lives with those around us, educating people about the truth of this ancient faith in the Holy Trinity. We offer the love of Christ to those in need, in both word and action.

We welcome you to visit our parish to experience and learn about us. Orthodox Christianity has remained faithful to its roots that go back to the churches established by the Apostles, in the Holy Land, Russian, Greece, and beyond. Our mother Church of Antioch was a major city mentioned in the Bible, with an unbroken history of Christians from the first century to the present after much persecution and minority numbers. The Orthodox Church humbly claims to be the same Church of Christ from those ancient times, the Church in all of the fullness that Christ established.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Fr. David or Fr. Stephan at 303-665-4013 or email one of them at: They are happy to meet with inquirers. We welcome newcomers to attend our Divine Services, but ask they contact us first. We limit our numbers and follow health guidelines (masks and social distancing) during these troubled times with the Covid virus in our land. We will gladly advise newcomers when to come.

Inquirer & Catechism Class begins

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Inquirer and Catechism Classes have begun on Saturdays 3-4p, using Zoom.

Hear 2020 audio recording of the Class by Fr. Jason by selecting the "Sermon & Class" page on the left menu.

In 2021 a new Page is added on the left menu. This contains previous class notes, links to videos, and new recordings of of Fr Jason teaching.

Next Inquirer & Catechism Class is January 23, 3-4p. Fr. Jason will be the main teacher, and Fr. David will assist with teaching some classes.

Next Class topics: 23 JAN: ‘Let Him Call the Presbyters of the Church’ - Mystery of Holy Unction
30 JAN: ‘It is Better for Me to Depart and be with the Lord’ - Bodily Death and the Entrance into Eternal Life
The Inquirer / Catechism class will provide information for newcomers considering becoming members, and for members who wish to “re-fresh” their understanding of our Faith and Worship. All are welcome to “log in” at the following Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 839 7441 6666
Passcode: 733244

Bible Study on Old Testament Prophets

Fr. David will teach a Zoom Bible Study on the Book of Amos. Next class is Wednesday January 27, 10-11a. All are welcome. Click on the link below:

Meeting ID: 861 5390 6625
Passcode: 692350

Recordings of prior Bible Studies may be found by clicking on the Page (see left tab options) "Bible Studies" or "Sermons and Classes"