Inquirer & Catechism Class begins

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Inquirer and Catechism Classes have begun on Saturdays 3-4p, using Zoom. No Class on Nov. 7.

Hear an audio recording of the Class by Fr. Jason by selecting the "Sermon & Class" page on the left menu.

Click to see the:
pdf copy of the power point presentation of first class.

Click to see the:
pdf copy of the presentation of the third class on the Holy Trinity.

On the fourth class regarding the Creation and Fall, Fr. Jason showed the following YouTube video at the end of the class:

In the 4th Class, the Incarnation part 1, the notes are found on this link:

'This is My Beloved Son'

At the end of the class a video by Fr. Josiah was shown:

In the 5th Class, the Incarnation part 2 (Iconography), the notes are found on this link:

This is My Beloved Son - Part 2

At the end of the class a video by Fr. Josiah was shown:

The sixth class notes on Salvation are found on this link:
'Thou Hast Turned the Punishment into Salvation' p1.pdf

At the end of the class a short video was shown:

The seventh class on the Theotokos:
click to see notes

click to see the videos shown by Fr. Josiah on this subject:

The eighth class on Holy Baptism:

Click to see the lecture notes by Fr. Jason:
"As many as have been baptized"

The class also saw the following video links:

Next Inquirer & Catechism Class is November 28, 3-4p. It is planned to continue every Saturday by Zoom. Fr. Jason will be the main teacher, and Fr. David will assist with teaching some classes.

Next Class is Question and Answer time - send us questions. We will also talk about Orthodox fasting.

The Inquirer / Catechism class will provide information for newcomers considering becoming members, and for members who wish to “re-fresh” their understanding of our Faith and Worship. All are welcome to “log in” at the following Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 839 7441 6666
Passcode: 733244

Bible Study on Old Testament Wisdom

Fr. David will teach a Zoom Bible Study on the Wisdom of Solomon. Next class is Wednesday December 2, 10-11a. All are welcome. Click on the link below:

Meeting ID: 861 5390 6625
Passcode: 692350


MOPS has begun to meet again as a small fellowship group of mothers only. It meets at Church, 7-9p on 1st and 3rd Thursdays. Contact us for more information about this. We welcome mothers in the community.